just SING!

Remember the post Yummy Yummy? Remember subjects "Cristie" and "Kristen"?


For those poor, unfortunate souls stricken with Cristieandkristenitis - that is, the inability to sing - we have the cure *tadah!*

www.KaraokeParty.com is a fun place to be! I don't think I need to introduce it much, its concept is really really straightforward. So shriek your falsetto to Bleeding Love today, you crazy, shameless you!


Everywhere you go, there's always going to be that one guy who's rambing non-stop about how awesomely awesome his awesome Wii is. Know what? I'm about to add to his point.

-you may gasp now-

Hey hey hey! What I'm talking about here is seriously funky stuff, so don't you gasp at me. I think I'll just post videos here, because they really just speak for themselves.



You've heard of Zen Gardens. The swirls, oh the swirls, somehow mesmerize you, and time loses its meaning. You are one with the world, at supreme peace with all and everything. Now, you can try your hand at creating one.

Method Number One: The virtual garden! Created by JapenGarden.co.uk, this is perfect for those weary, dreamy nights. My advice, go slow. Go really slow, and don't ever ever overplan. Let the lines come out spontaneously.

Another variation of the virtual garden is for the workaholics, who probably need it even more than the rest of us do. There is a project on SourceForge for a java based Zen Garden, which means you'd be able to take it around on your mobile!

Method Number Two: Really create a Zen Garden, albeit in smaller scale!
The Little Zen Garden is a perfect, perfect guide to creating an awfully cute, compact Zen Garden.

So get to it, and do leave comments on how your meditation endeavours go!